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Reimagination Resources for Today
and Tomorrow

Peak oil, climate change, economic downturn, escalating energy costs and shortages, food supply, severe weather ... the future looks bleak. Learn to turn our darkest days into our best.

Reimagination Resources for Today and Tomorrow

We are living in bleak times. Climate change is already happening and promises to get worse. The housing crisis is just beginning. Safe food will become more difficult to find. Economic downturn is looming. Energy costs are escalating and shortages will become the norm ... I hope that the resources that I am collecting below will help you to not only survive but thrive in the 21st century. Many of the things you learn here can be quite easily transformed into your own Right Livelihood, performing the work yourself or teaching others to do their own.

WARNING: The Current Economic Crisis Will Worsen And More And More People Will Become Homeless, Jobless And Broke! There Is However A Way You Can Protect Yourself, Your Home And Your Assets Starting TODAY!

How To Make Biodiesel At Home - All About Biodiesel And Alternative Fuels. A Step By Step Guide To Making Your Own Biodiesel.

Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual - 87 Page Step-by-step Gardening Manual For Beginners To Learn How To Grow Their Own Healthy, Organic Food - Saving Money And Eating Chemical Free! Great Bonuses With This E-manual. Revised Edition Just Released. - Keeping And Raising Chickens And Poultry. Build A Chicken Coop. Growing Your Own Fruit And Vegetables. Beekeeping (Honey Bees). Herbal Remedies, Herbs, Remedy. Hydroponic Gardening, Hydroponics Garden. Building Your Own Greenhouse.

Living Off the Grid - Is your Electricity bill reaching $200-even $300 per month? Do you want to learn what you can do about it? Are you interested in off grid living, renewable energy, solar panels, how to build your own homemade wind generator, or even how to build your own house? Comprehensive handbooks include: Homemade Wind Generators, Renewable Energy Solutions, Build Your Own House and Run your generator on biodiesel!

The Barefoot Beekeeper - A revolutionary book about 'sustainable', chemical-free beekeeping, showing how it can be simplified and made accessible to all, including people with disabilities, as with this method there is no heavy lifting involved.

The author strips away all unnecessary complication and confusion, demonstrating that 'modern' beekeeping methods are largely to blame for the poor state of health of the honeybee and that the commercialization of beekeeping marked the start of the disease and parasite problems that honeybees have been trying to deal with ever since.

The author advocates small-scale, sustainable beekeeping, with minimal disturbance to the bees and more time spent observing and learning from them. This book shows how you can make everything you need to keep bees yourself, using recycled materials and simple tools: you do not need to buy any additional equipment at all, nor do you need synthetic medications or other chemicals.

Free Electricity From Your Power Company - When CNBC heard about "How To Get Free Electricity From Your Power Company -- Legally !!!", they were so intrigued that they flew Reporter Chip Wallace and his camera crew out from New York on special assignment to interview Dan for 90 minutes at his home.

Amazed and impressed with what they learned, Chip and his crew immediately flew back to New York and then interviewed prominent Electric Industry Leaders to verify the information in the report. A couple of weeks later, CNBC aired a special segment of the nationally syndicated "Steals and Deals" TV show featuring the report...and the interviews with the Electric Industry Leaders acknowledging that the information contained in Dan's report was correct and accurate!

Raw Secrets - The power of raw foods is not only one of the most well-known "rejuvenation" secrets of celebrities and Hollywood stars (such as Demi Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Sting, Edward Norton, Carol Alt, and many others) it is also a concept that has the potential of giving you what you're looking for: incredible health, increased energy, and a youthful and slim body.

Start your own food company - Fulfill the dream of producing your recipe to sell to the world. Start Your Own Food Company takes you by the hand and guides you from startup to production to distribution. Even those insider tips are here. You'll learn how I did it with very little money, and I've included many of these tips so you can save a bundle getting started.

Healthy Food For Dogs: Homemade Recipes. 50 years ago, a young dog-fancier, John Miller wanted to improve his dogs growth. After analysing commercial dog food formulas, he found they were all loaded with unhealthy chemicals. John developed a better recipe himself and tried it on his own dogs... using healthier ingredients... A Complete Triumph! dog food recipe, and dog food recipes or homemade dog food He couldn't believe how fast his dogs health and behavior improved. Also he reduced his dog food costs by 50%. Happy with his discovery he tried, over the years, hundreds of new recipes in order to see their effects on dog health and growth. From these experiences, he created dozens of amazing recipes that make dogs grow faster and stronger... without using harmful commercial products because they are infamous for mineral deficiencies.

Home Remedies to Heal Your Pet - "The Definitive Manual For Treating Your Pet At Home..." "Veterinary Secrets Revealed is the definitive manual for allowing owners to treat their pet's health problems at home." Dr Jones shows you over 1000 Home Remedies to Heal Your Pet. These are all practical, and natural treatments that really work!."

Eating Organic Natural Foods - Do you want to start living more naturally by eating organic or natural foods ... and don't know where to begin? Have you thought about doing this but never knew which foods to buy ... which stores to shop in ... or how much this would all cost? This manual will show you how.

Yoga Weight Loss Secrets - Lose Weight With Yoga. Why Wait Any Longer? Use the Power of Yoga To Make Your Weight Loss Breakthrough

If you have ever tried to lose weight, then you probably already know what doctors and weight loss experts know: most weight loss diets only bring temporary results.

If you take some diet pills and you may lose weight because your appetite is temporarily suppressed. When you stop taking the pills your appetite will return and you will be faced with the same problem. The pills are a short term solution, and in some cases may even be harmful to you. is a project of MapCruzin. is an independent firm specializing in the development and publication of educational and research resources. We have been online since 1996

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