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Peak oil, climate change, economic downturn, escalating energy costs and shortages, food supply, severe weather ... the future looks bleak. Learn to turn our darkest days into our best.

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The Great Switch: Banks Rob People
The US government is on the verge of making an unprecedented financial commitment, likely to cost $700 billion, to buy the bad securities held by large US and foreign financial institutions ... more

Bush Withholds Salmon Disaster Money as He Pushes for Corporate Bailouts
As George Bush pushes Congress to bail out Wall Street corporations, he refuses to immediately release $70 million out of the $170 million appropriated by Congress for disaster relief to salmon fishermen and businesses impacted by this year's salmon closures ... more

Living Wealth: Better Than Money
If there is to be a human future, we must bring ourselves into balanced relationship with one another and the Earth. This requires building economies with heart ... more

Dennis Kucinich: We Had Alternatives
We Had Alternatives by Dennis Kucinich The following statement was presented on the floor of The House of Representatives after Congressman Kucinich voted against the Wall Street bail out plan, H.R. 1424, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 ... more

Government Siezes Washington Mutual: Largest Bank Failure in American History
Washington Mutual was seized by federal regulators Thursday night in the largest bank failure in American history. It was immediately sold by the federal government to JPMorgan Chase, the nation's largest savings and loan ... more

Naomi Klein: "Now Is the Time to Resist Wall Street's Shock Doctrine"
While the collapse of this country's financial system continues to send shock waves around the world, we speak to the bestselling author of The Shock Doctrine ... more

National Protests Erupt Over Bailout Plan
NEW YORK - The George W. Bush administration's plan to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to rescue giant Wall Street firms from their current financial meltdown has unleashed a spontaneous wave of protests across the United States ... more

Sea-level Rise and Coastal Habitats in the Pacific Northwest
Global climate change is a reality. Human emissions are driving unprecedented and dangerous climate change, with coastal regions on the front lines of its effects. If we allow climate change to continue unabated, it will have significant effects across the world ... more

Drinking at the Public Fountain: The New Corporate Threat to Our Water Supplies
In the last few years, the world's largest financial institutions and pension funds, from Goldman Sachs to Australia's Macquarie Bank, have figured out that old, trustworthy utilities and infrastructure could become reliable cash cows -- supporting the financial system's speculative junk derivatives with the real concrete of highways, water utilities, airports, harbors, and transit systems ... more is a project of MapCruzin. is an independent firm specializing in the development and publication of educational and research resources. We have been online since 1996

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