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Sea-level Rise and Coastal Habitats in the Pacific Northwest

Global climate change is a reality. Human emissions are driving unprecedented and dangerous climate change, with coastal regions on the front lines of its effects. If we allow climate change to continue unabated, it will have significant effects across the world. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it will jeopardize the health of our most valued natural companions: shellfish, salmon, shorebirds, and waterfowl. As this important report shows, it will also fundamentally alter the way our human community lives on this beautiful coastline, how we get our food, how we interact with nature, and how we live as neighbors to Puget Sound.

We can and must change this forecast through aggressive greenhouse gas emissions reductions, while at the same time preparing for its effects on our region. We must set policies that are based on science and data, such as those outlined in the 2007 King County Climate Plan, instead of wishful thinking. We must embed climate change assumptions into our natural resource management plans and strategies to enable the most effective environmental restoration and protection possible.

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